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Setup Ad Units

Add Ad Unit#

Ad units represent the real-estate in your app where you want to show ads. An ad unit is of type a format. An app can have multiple ad units of the same format.

When you create an ad units, a unique ad unit ID is generated. This ad unit ID has to inserted in your app to generate a valid ad request.

Go to Set Up / Apps & Ad Units and click to select a format and to create an ad unit of that format.


Select the Format#

Formats define the size of the real-estate in your app. Formats supported by Meson are Banners , Medium Rectangle , Native , Interstitial , and Rewarded . Each format has a default ad experience,which can be customized further.

Select the Rewarded format and click on Add Ad Unit.


Save and Generate Ad Unit ID#

On successful completion of a rewarded ad, you can reward your users by configuring a reward name and reward amount as part of the placement definition. Enter the name of the Rewarded ad unit, the reward name, the reward amount and click on Save. A unique ad unit ID will be generated on save.


Verify the Ad Experience#

All ad units are assigned a default ad experience. You can override the default ad experience. Learn how to create an ad experience and assign them to ad units.

To know the default ad experience, go to Set Up / Ad Experience.


What Next?

Next, let's define the ad experience for you app.