The Basics

Last Updated on: 19 Sep, 2023

Meson Prime

Prime is a Mobile In-App Mediation platform that can seamlessly integrate into your app with a modular SDK. Prime is built with the first principles of transparency, control, and neutrality. Prime is an excellent alternative to building an in-house mediation platform. It provides all the benefits of an in-house solution without the hassles of an in-house solution.

Meson Wrap

Wrap is a Mobile In-App, S2S Header Bidding wrapper that can be seamlessly integrated into your app with a lightweight SDK. You can add as many demand sources on the server-side to maximize the competition for an impression in an auction without any hassles.

Prime SDK

Prime SDK is a modular SDK, and the single access point, to all demands. Prime SDK bundles 3P Monetization and Ad Quality SDKs, providing you with a low code solution, that is very easy to integrate.

Wrap SDK

Wrap SDK is a lightweight SDK, and the single access point, to all S2S bidding demands. It helps in the seamless integration with MoPub and GAM ad server, and also takes care of submitted signed clicks to Apple's SKAdNetwork APIs.


App is your registered media property with Apple App Store and Google Play Store. When registering an app, you have provided us with a valid app store or play store URL and also let us know if your app is targeting minors or not.

Block List

As a developer, you want to protect your user base against ads violating your editorial guidelines and ads from competitors. Block Lists help you manage both editorial guidelines and competitors by providing the ability to block ads by category, domain, app store/play store URL, and creative attributes.

Ad Unit

Ad unit is the real estate that is getting created for showing ads within your app. Ad units can be banner, medium rectangle, interstitial, rewarded, or native. You can create as many ad units within an app.

Ad Experience

As a developer, you want to ensure that the ad experience is uplifting the overall app experience. While this is hard because the content is coming from different sources, there are certain aspects of the ad experience that you can try and keep consistent. Define the ad experience you want for your users per ad unit, and make sure you create at least one each for banner, medium rectangle, interstitial, rewarded, and native.


Meson makes it easy for you to integrate with different types of demand partners. Demand partners can integrate either using an API or SDK. Demand partners can participate in the Open Auction by submitting a real-time bid or predicted CPM or fixed CPM. You manage the relationship with these demand partners from a commercial, compliance, and from invoicing point of view. Meson only makes sure that you have one access point to benefit from all this demand and maximize competition for an impression.

Open Auction

Meson conducts a unified auction across all participating networks. The open auction can be configured per ad unit id or ad unit type. Depending on your pricing expectations and the participating networks you have an option to run either a lean ad operation or a complex ad operation. The open auction is completely unbiased.

Targeting Groups

Targeting groups help you organize demand for markets with similar pricing and participating networks. An auction, when configured at an ad unit id or ad unit type, can have multiple targeting groups.


Segments help you manage ARPDAU at a user level. For a game developer, segments help integrate IAA into your virtual economy and have a shared understanding of your users across IAP and IAA. Segments allow you to manage monetization at a user level by providing controls for ad exposure and ad fatigue, thereby helping to create the right synergies between IAP and IAA, so that one is not cannibalizing the other.

Ad Lines

Ad Lines capture the pricing and help map a network placement id, zone id, tag id, ad unit id, etc..., to mediation. For Prime, we recommend configuring as many ad lines per targeting group for networks that submit a predicted CPM or fixed CPM and configure one ad line per targeting group for networks that submit a real-time bid. For Wrap we recommend configuring one ad line per targeting group with a reserve price (or bid floor), the price below which you don't want to sell inventory in any market.


Tiers assist you in organizing your waterfall to manage different priorities. The prioritizes could be anything, from how you want ad lines to be ranked to how you want real-time bids to compete against predicted or fixed CPMs.

Bid Bins

Bid bins help in understanding the bid and revenue landscape. Each bid will be tagged to a bid bin, this will be available in reporting. Bid bins convert a winning bid into a key/value pair that is used as a targeting parameter in the Ad Server. The granular the bid bin, the more competitive Wrap will be in the ad server auction.

Ad Server

This is your primary ad server (GAM). Meson Wrap currently works with only these two ad servers. In the case of Meson Prime, the primary ad server is Meson Ad Server.