Manage Ad Experiences

Last Updated on: 19 Sep, 2023

Create Ad Experience

Ad experience helps you manage creative behavior across apps per format. Ad experience includes Refresh Intervals, Skippable / Non Skippable, Skip Delays etc. Ad experiences can be reused across ad units. An ad unit can be tagged to only one ad experience.

Got to Set Up/Ad Experience and click Create Ad Experience in the top right. Select one of Banner, MREC, Interstitial, Rewarded or Native to create an ad experience.

Tag Ad Units

When you create a new ad experience, it is optional to assign Ad Units. But make sure ad units are assigned before you start monetizing by editing the ad experience.

Define the Ad Experience

The ad experience differs across formats, and ad units because of the real estate and the placement within the app.

Some of the attributes in ad experience are restricted for Meson Wrap since the ad rendering is done by your adserver. Meson Prime will allow all attributes in the ad experience to be controlled.


Control the MAX Video Duration for Rewarded format. Configure and click on Create Ad Experience


Control Creatives, and MAX Video Duration for Interstitial format. Configure and click on Create Ad Experience


Control Creatives, MAX Video Duration, and Refresh Interval for MREC format. Configure and click on Create Ad Experience


Control Refresh Interval for Banner format. Configure and click on Create Ad Experience


Control Creatives, Ad Layout, and Aspect Ratio for Native format. Configure and click on Create Ad Experience

Tag a New Ad Unit to an Existing Template

Edit the UX Template to associate Ad Units directly. This will override any previous UX Template assigned to the ad unit.


Next, Let's configure the Networks. If you have configured Networks then configure Auction.