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Add Networks

Finalize the Networks#


If you prefer to manage networks directly, please reach out to each network to get started.

If you prefer to have Meson manage the networks, please reach out to

For each network, make sure you have reviewed the privacy policy, terms of service and have a signed paper or online contract. Here is a list of networks with the links to their privacy policy, terms of service, and integration parameters.

Activate a Network#

Networks help advertisers show their offers / ads to the users of an app.

  • Networks integrate either using an SDK or API.
  • Networks participate in the open auction either by submitting a real-time bid or fixed CPM.

To add a Network go to Partners / Networks. Select any network you want to monetize with and enter the network and app credentials.


Network have to be setup once per account. Provide the network credentials and click on Save and Proceed. These credentials vary by networks and if specified are mandatory.

Please refer to list of networks for more details.


Activate an App#

To active a Network for a new app, go to Partners / Networks, select the network, and go to app credentials. Click on Setup to activate the network for an app.


What Next?

Next, let's configure the ad lines (or line items) for each network.