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Add Ad Lines

Ad Lines help you manage pricing for networks across different target audiences. Networks can have one or many ad lines in the open auction

Open the App Workspace#

To open your App Workspace, click on All Apps, and then Select the App from the menu. This will load the mediation menu in your left navigation, that is specific to the app selected.


On selecting the app, you will see Mediation menu in the left navigation, and you will be taken to Mediation / Ad Lines. The sections Ad Lines and Open Auction are specific to the app you have selected. Any change you make here will impact the app you have selected.


Decide on Ad Line Setup#

Meson allows you to setup ad lines per format or ad unit or both per app.

  • Setup by format is comprehensive, provided your expectations on pricing and participating networks are similar for a format across ad units of an app.
  • Setup by ad unit id is exhaustive, provided your expectations on pricing and participating networks are diverse across ad units of an app.

Ad serving prioritizes setup by ad unit over format.

  • If you have a setup by ad unit, we will ignore the format setup.
  • If you have no set up by ad unit, we will consider the format setup.
  • If both are not setup, no ad serving will happen.

Format is the default selection for any app you create. When you decide to configure the open auction at a format level, you end up with one setup for all ad units of a particular format for that app. You can decide to have a combination of format and ad unit setups within an app.


Have you Activated Networks?#

If you haven't activated any networks you will have to activate networks to proceed.


To add and activate networks refer to Create Networks

Create Targeting Groups#

If your see your networks, click on Add Targeting Group

Targeting Groups help you organize networks and pricing by target audience. Targeting groups can be defined per country or group of countries. You can also add user segments to define your target audience, if you want to manage monetization at a user level. If you are looking to monetize countries with similar expectations, create one targeting group and save time in creating and managing different auction set ups.

There is a default targeting group created for Rest of World, this is to handle monetization outside of your key markets.


Create Ad Line#

This is the final step in setting up the open auction. Make sure you select the right targeting group for which you want to create an ad line. You will have to create ad lines for each targeting group and for each network. Each adline corresponds to a reserve price, and will have a mapping to a placement id, ad unit id, zone id or tag id with the respective network. For details on network specific integration parameters, please refer to list of networks.

  • For networks that submit a real-time bid, just create one ad line per targeting group.
  • For networks that donot submit a real-time bid, create as many ad lines so that you are maximizing revenue at multiple price points or CPMs. The CPM you enter against each ad line will be used as the bid in the open auction, if there is a fill.

Click on Add Ad Line to add an adline for a network. You will have to create ad lines for all networks that will be the monetizing the format or ad unit.


Please make sure you have created adlines for all targeting groups and for all networks.

Bulk Actions#

Setting up Ad Lines and Open Auction can be a cumbersome process. We have simplified this for you in the context of an App.

Import Ad Lines#

You can import all Ad Lines from a .csv file. The ad lines imported are added to a library that can used to ad lines within any ad unit or targeting group within the app.


You can download the template and start populating ad line data. Below are the required inputs.

NetworkAd Line NameAd Line CredentialFormatBid / Target CPM

Ad Line Library#

You can add ad lines from the library to any / multiple targeting group created under ad units or formats of an app. But not across apps. To add ad lines from the library select the ad lines click on Proceed and chose a destination targeting group and click on Assign to Targeting Groups.

Targeting Group Library#

We will talk about this at the end of Open Auction, the next section.

What Next?

Next, let's set up your ad server.