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Test the Integration

Register Test Device#

Go to Set Up / Testing, and click on Add Device to register a test device.


To register an iOS device, and to serve test ads, you will need an advertising ID.

How to find Advertising ID on iPhone?

For iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod, the Advertising ID hidden from users by Apple. Apple calls this identifier "Identifier for Advertising" or IDFA.

In order to find your Apple IDFA, there are multiple apps in the app store that display this information like My Device ID by AppsFlyer, Adjust Insights by Adjust, My TUNE Device by TUNE

Once you have the IDFA, paste the Advertising ID and click on Save Device.


Configure Ad Server#

Please make sure you have configured atleast one line item in your ad server (MoPub / GAM) with keyword targting for price tier 1.00, as below:


Test the Integration#

Test the integration from any of the devices configured above.

To get a banner test ad follow:

  • Initialize a MesonGAMBanner / MesonMoPubBanner with the ad unit id, and the ad size.
  • Make an ad request by calling fetchBid method.
  • Make sure your Ad Server selects the line item with keyword targeting mes_hbbin:1.00.

This is how a banner test ad from Meson will show up on your device.


You can also test the integration using the Meson sample app, that is bundled with the SDK.

What Next?

Congrats! You have successfully tested the integration.

Next, you are ready to take the app live.