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iOS Interstitial Integration

Create a Interstitial Object#


If you miss to Initialize the SDK, this method will fail to return a response.

Select the mediation platform:

To implement a Interstitial bidder object for GAM follow:

//1. import MesonWrapGAM
import MesonWrapGAM
//2. Create a GAMRequest object
private var gamRequest = GAMRequest()
//3. Create a MesonGAMInterstitial object and Init with adUnitId and adSize
private var mesonInt: MesonGAMInterstitial?
mesonInt = = MesonGAMInterstitial.init(adUnitId: #adUnitId)

Initialize the SKStoreManager#

Initialize the SKStoreManager as follows:

//Please import the MesonWrapSKAN for CocoaPods integration. For manual please import the files.
var mesonInterstitialSKStoreManager: MesonInterstitialSKStoreManager()

Implement a Delegate#

Select the mediation platform:

To implement a delegate for GAM follow:

//Success or failure callbacks
extension <ClassName>: MesonGAMBidFetcherDelegate {
func bidFetched(for ppmAd: GAMRequest) {
// Create a GAMInterstitialAd and call load with GAMRequest
func bidFailed(for ppmAd: GAMRequest, with error: Error) {
// Create a GAMInterstitialAd and call load with GAMRequest

Fetch a Bid#

Select the mediation platform:

To fetch a bid for GAM follow:

// Fetch the Bid using the MesonGAMInterstitial.fetchBid with delegate MesonGAMBidFetcherDelegate.
mesonInt?.fetchBid(gamRequest: gamRequest, delegate: self)

Submit Signed Clicks to SKAdNetwork#

After successfully loading the Interstitial Ad, call the following from the load success callback of MoPub / GAM Delegate

self.mesonInterstitialSKStoreManager.start(delegate: self)

Implement the following delegate methods

extension <ClassName>: MesonSkStoreManagerDelegate {
func didFailToLoad(error: Error) {
// SKStore fails to load
func didFailToShow(error: Error) {
// SKStore fails to show
func didShow(skStore: UIViewController) {
// SKStore successfully shown with the view controller
func willDismiss(skStore: UIViewController) {
// Successfully closed the SKStore view controller