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Create Bid Bins

Why Bid Bins?#

Bid bins are used to help integrate Meson Wrap with your Ad Server, either MoPub or GAM. Each winning bid from Meson is mapped to a bid bin and this information is sent in the Ad Server request.

Define bid bins that are representative of your ad server yield set up. Price points where you have dense competition, create more granular bid bins and price points where you don't have dense competition create less dense bid bins.

For example, if your bid landscape is best represented between $0.00 - $5.00, you will have to split this into multiple bid bins. You could define bid bins at an interval of $0.01 from $0-$3 and at an interval of $0.10 from $3 - $5. This will essentially create bid bins of $0.00, $0.01, $0.02, $0.03,... $3.00 and $3.10, $3.20, $3.30,.... $5.00. The rational for dense bid bins from $0-$3 is because of higher bid density, and a more accurate representation of the Meson bid in your waterfall. That is 320 price points or key / value pairs or line items in your ad server.

Configure Bid Bins#

Go to Libraries > Pricing to configure bid bins.

  • Bid bins are configured by ad unit type. So create bid bins for each ad unit type.
  • Each ad unit will have a different bid bins since pricing varies by ad unit and market.
  • Your ad unit bid bins should be representative of market wise price variations.


Select the Pricing Type#

You can easily create bid bins using Dense, Optimal or Custom pricing types.

  • Dense let's you set a $0.01 increment to define a bid bin.
  • Optimal let's you set a $0.1 increment to define a bid bin.
  • Customer let's you set a custom increment to define a bid bin.

Complete the Bid Bins#

Add bid bins that represent your ad server price landscape.


Heads Up on Keyword Targeting#

The bid bins you have created will be used for keyword targeting in your ad server, MoPub or GAM.

Each line item created in your ad server will target one bid bin. For example, bids in a price tier $1.00 - $1.10, can be targeted using a keyword mes_hbbin set to 1.00 in the Keyword Targeting sections of MoPub and GAM. More on this is covered next.

You can view / copy the bid bins as below:


What Next?

Next, let's configure your Ad Server (GAM or MoPub).