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Network Guides

Please use the below tables to map network specific identifiers to Meson.

  • The identifiers are mapped at 3 levels; Network, App, Ad Line.
  • You also need to provide Meson with reporting API credentials for all networks, where Meson supports a reporting integration.

To add and activate networks refer to Create Networks

NameBid TypeFormatsNetwork CredentialApp CredentialAd Line CredentialSetup Guide
Audience Network
Audience NetworkReal-time CPM
-App IDPlacement ID
VungleReal-time CPM
-App IDPlacement Reference ID
InMobiReal-time CPM
Account ID-Placement ID
MIntegralReal-time CPM
App KeyApp IDUnit ID
Unity Ads
Unity AdsPredicted CPM
-Game IDPlacement ID
AppLovinPredicted CPM
-SDK KeyZone ID
IronSourceFixed CPM
-App KeyPlacement Name
AdMobFixed CPM
-App IDAd Unit ID
Google Ad Manager
Google Ad ManagerFixed CPM
-App IDAd Unit ID

If you want your network to be listed here, please mail us at