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Impression Level Revenue Data

Access impression-level revenue data for each impression served directly from the Meson SDK.

Supported Attributes#

AttributeDate TypeDescription
ad_unit_idStringUnique identifier for ad unit
ad_unit_name StringAd Unit name as defined in Meson platform
ad_unit_formatStringAd Unit format for the given ad unit. It can be one of the following values, Banner, Interstitial, MREC, Native, Rewarded
id StringUnique identifier of the impression
currency StringCurrency of the revenue. It is by default set to USD
publisher_revenuefloatEstimated publisher revenue. Available for every impression
network_nameStringName of the network who served the impression
app_versionStringVersion of the app on which the impression is being served
line_item_idDemographicsUnique identifier of the line item configured on Meson UI
line_item_nameStringName of the line item configured on Meson UI
line_item_typeStringType of line item. Meson supports two types of line items, Standard and Deal
network_placement_idStringUnique identifier of the placement with the network
countryStringCountry of origin of the ad request
precision StringPrecision can be one of the following values, Fixed Bid, Predicted Bid, Real-time Bid
tier_nameStringTier name to which the winning line item belongs to

SDK Callbacks#

Impression Data is enabled by default on the SDK. It can be accessed via the onImpression callback as part of the ad lifecycle events, in the listener / delegate for iOS and Android respectively.