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Add your first app

Create App#

To monetize apps with Meson, add apps to your account. Log in to your Meson account.

When you create an app, a unique app ID is generated. This app ID is required to initialize the Meson SDK.

Go to Set Up / Apps & Ad Units and click Create App in the top right corner.


If your app is LIVE in the App Store or Google Play, register with the App Store URL. Your app's name and category should appear automatically.

To add apps that are distributed in other app stores, enter the Store URL, App Name, Bundle ID, Category, and Platform manually.

Select GDPR and COPPA settings#

Declare if the app is directed or not directed to children, below 16, by selecting one of the options.


Select the block list.#

Select the blocklist that you want to apply for this app. Learn how to create a blocklist.


Click on Save & Proceed to save your App and proceed to create an ad unit.

What Next?

Next, let's define the ad guidelines.